10 New Twists on Contemporary Lighting

It’s one thing to switch out a lampshade to add a pop of color to a room, but quite another to incorporate high art in the form of a light installations.  Today’s roundup of contemporary lighting runs the gamut from industrial but artful hanging lights to complex expressions of emotion.  From one end of the continuum to the other, the designers featured in this series are all illuminating their future with their creative vision and willingness to experminent.

contemporary lighting

Three-Shade Table Lamp By Gonçalo Campos



contemporary lights

Dandelion Light by Moooi



contemporary lamps

Dragon Tail Lamp by Luisa De Los Santos Robinson



contemporary lamps

Flower Petal Lamp via Dekris Designs



modern pendant lighting

Kinema Pendant Luminaire by Stuart Fingerhut



modern LED lighting

LED Lighting by Daniel Becker



red and black hanging lamps

Modern Hanging Lamps by Corinna Warm



modern metallic lamp

Modern Table Lamp by Lelabo



abstract multishade lamp

Oversized Multishade Lamp by Matthieu Ongena



unraveling spiral pendant lights

The Swing Pendant Light by Monochro Design Studio


Dandelion light found at Moooi.