10 Pendant Lights Made from Recycled Objects

With the rise in consciousness about incorporating low-impact pieces into home decor, the growing concern for diminishing the footprint we leave on the environment is yielding some amazing results.  When we look for ways to recreate the old into the new without being wasteful, creativity can abound from the simplest of places.  It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention, and today’s roundup is the perfect illustration of that.  Behold our curation of ten eye-catching pendant lights made from recycled objects, from colanders and wine bottles to pull tabs and book pages.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and apparently, one man’s soup can just might provide another’s illumination.

pendant lights made from recycled objects

Recycled Pull Tab Pendant from Mauricio Affonso



pendant light made from recycled objects

Campbells Soup Can Pendants by Willem Heeffer



pendant globe lights

Half-Globe Pendant Lights by The Boomin Granny via Etsy



pendant lamps made from recycled objects

ORIGIN Recycled Corian Lights from Greg Parsell



pendant lamp made from recycled objects

Recycled Bottle Glass Lamp from Wolf Art Glass



recycled pendant lights

Recycled Colander Light by Nadia Belalia via Inhabitat



recycled spoon light

Recycled Ice Cream Spoon Chandelier via Tchochkes



upcycled paper lantern

Recycled Paper Lamp from Zipper 8



wine bottle lights

Recycled Wine Bottle Colorblock Lights from Jerry Kott



lights from recycled objects

Tucker Recycled Soda Bottle Pendant from Inhabit


Pull tab pendant found at Mauricio Affonso.