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Alice Coffee Table from Avant Gallery

10 Perfect Wood Coffee Tables

We can all get a little fancy and high-concept with our ideas about modern furniture. But for all the wild and inventive materials and ways in which we create contemporary furnishings, wood is always a sturdy, classic — and often beautiful — option.  With a surging interest in the environmentally conscious sourcing of materials like bamboo, for example, a return to unfettered natural beauty is taking place in homes the world over.  Today’s roundup of wood coffee tables goes back to basics and keeps things simple and smart — the evergreen cornerstone of great design.

glossy wood coffee table
Alice Coffee Table from Avant Gallery



W coffee table
Contemporary W Table from The Foundary



driftwood coffee table
Driftwood Coffee Table by St Kilda



simple frame coffee table
Frame Coffee Table from Crate & Barrel



reclaimed wood coffee table
Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table from Rotsen



rustic storage coffee table
Rustic Storage Coffee Table from West Elm



sliced wood coffee table
Sliced Wood Coffee Table from Avant Gallery



tiered coffee table
Trio Contemporary Coffee Table by Statements International



vintage industrial coffee table
Vintage Industrial Factory Cart Coffee Table from Brand Mojo Interiors



wood cube coffee table
Wood Cube Table from VIG Furniture


Reclaimed wood table found at Rotsen.


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