10 Pieces of Gorgeous Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Those who seek out reclaimed materials, recycled objects and/or repurposed pieces of furniture to stock their homes with the stuff of life are quick to explain why when asked, and their answers are usually simple logic: Why make something new unneccesarily when what you need has already been created and could just use a little TLC?  Reclaimed wood in particular allows “new” furniture buyers to enjoy the beauty and majesty of incredibly old and gorgeous wood without having to sacrifice a living tree and all the benefits it bestows on the ecosystem.  Aside from that, most pieces of furniture made from repurposed or recycled source materials are fantastic conversation pieces with histories all their own.  In today’s image gallery, we present ten pieces ranging from traditional and almost Edison-esque to sleek and modern.  And who knows what each item’s next incarnation might be?

reclaimed wood furniture

Repurposed Door Desk by Manoteca



reclaimed wood

Gothic Reclaimed Wood Trestle Dining Table from Mortise & Tenon



reclaimed wood bed

Naoki Bed from Andre Joyau



reclaimed wood dining table

Reclaimed Dinner Table & Seating by Hudson Furniture



reclaimed oak furniture

Reclaimed Oak Stave Furniture by Cliff Spencer



reclaimed wood chair

Reclaimed Wood Chair by Gursan Ergil



reclaimed wood sideboard

Reclaimed Wood Sideboard from Woodland Creek Furniture



reclaimed wood tables

Reclaimed Wood Tables from Broyhill



reclaimed wood bistro set

T Table & Stools from Jay Sanders



wine barrel stool

Wine Barrel Bar Stool from Hayneedle



Reclaimed wine oak pieces found at Cliff Spencer.