10 Entryway Shoe Storage Benches Perfect for an Entryway


Entryway Shoe Storage Bench Ideas For Your Home

In the mudroom, entryway, foyer, or laundry closet, a storage bench to keep your shoes tucked and stored seems like a wonderful idea, don’t you think?

Keep yourself and the family from traipsing through the house with muddy feet by having one of these pieces ready at a moment’s notice. Take a load off, take off your shoes and put them inside for the next day’s travels.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t just have to be for organizational and cleanly purposes, instead, pick one with your home’s style in mind.  Now, let’s take a look at some real-life examples of stylish, functional and incredibly versatile shoe storage benches.

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Sleek, clean and functional, this style holds up to 18 pairs of shoes and keeps your foyer need and tidy. The chocolate brown finish goes well within  traditional setting and you can find some easy ways to spruce in and around the bench! A throw pillow or two could really do the trick.



A stunning and easy placed shoe storage bench.

There’s an Asian tone to this piece that helps with a very zen and easy ethos. There’s ample space to keep your favorite shoes at a hand’s reach but it works well as a stylish seat instead of strictly function. We envision this piece in a small foyer or even in the entry’s leading hallway.



T​his luxuriously modern Hall Bench is available with or without a shoe rack. It is available in a wide range of lengths.

We love how this design combines seamless, homey style with the function of a busy family. The shoe rack is built right in – although you can purchase the piece without it – and it doesn’t take away from the clean lines or silhouette. Pair this rougher look with complimentary pieces or make it the statement by pairing it with more modern looks.



Tansu II Shoe Bench – Natural Ash with Oak Cabinet

A bit funky, unique but made with an old-age spirited touch, this shoe bench has a lot of promise. We’d love to see this piece in a bright and vivacious color, hanging out in a family’s mudroom just waiting for the cleats and school shoes to fill it. Of course, keeping it in its natural tone works great in a space that already has bouts of color.



The private wellness spa in Gloucestershire features a number of such items. A shoe-storage stool made from fumed oak features a swing out leather-lined compartment where the visitor can slip off and store when entering the building.

We are completely swooning over the hide-away factor that this style has in store. Tuck your shoes away before entering the home and just shut the door to keep a simple and chic style.

Of course, you don’t have to leave this bench outside, instead, right into the entryway would do the trick with no hassle.



Designed and manufactured in Italy the Luce contemporary furniture range has been finished with a sleek style and premier high-quality finish for a look that fits perfectly into contemporary décor.

This is probably our favorite of the bunch. Slick and white with a lighter finish, and a shoe rack hiding underneath for organizational help, there’s not much more you could ask for in a modern furniture accent.

Use the top as a tabletop or another way to add personality and pizzazz to your home with accents.



If you’re looking for something contemporary and unique, look no further than to this artistic, geometric piece. Architectural profound and interesting, we are loving the ins and outs of this style.

There are so many options for organizing and styling within this structure – so we urge you to get creative if you design on something like this!



The bench top and legs of the Shoe Bench are made out of 8/4 Cherry. The shoe rack and side panels are walnut.

This rustic choice is sure to be a conversational piece and can be displayed in the foyer for every guest to use and adore. We love the organic nature of this cherry wood bench and of course, the storage underneath for everyone’s shoes helps for functionality reasons.

This is a larger choice, so make sure the space you decide to keep it in isn’t too small or cluttered.



Perfect for entryways and small spaces, the shoe bench blends storage and seating in an elegant, flowing design.

Another contemporary piece to mix within your modern and fashion-forward home. The neutral colors will help to blend within the confines of your already-made ethos, but the flowing lines and easy finish make it an interesting and fun bench to show off.

This can easily become the artistic, focal point of whatever room it lands in.



Beautifully useful. Made from bentwood and powder coated steel construction, this is one durable shoe bench from West Elm for tying your laces

Made with shoe storage in mind, this cool option from West Elm gives you room for everything from muddy rain boots to yard-word only sneakers. But it’s topped off with a stylish twist that hides all the “mess” from the day’s adventures.

The natural oak look paired with the white steel makes for an interesting and youthful pairing, don’t you think?

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10 Shoe Storage Benches Perfect for an Entryway
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10 Shoe Storage Benches Perfect for an Entryway
These 10 Shoe Storage Benches are perfect ideas for an entryway, mudroom, foyer or another room in your home to help keep shoes organized and off the ground