10 Simply Elegant Accent Chairs

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Red Accent Chair by Nuevo Venni

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It’s possible to have too much of a good thing sometimes… so it’s actually pretty lucky that today’s roundup of elegant accent chairs presents an array of pieces that, each on its own, can up the “wow” factor of a room with just one individual flourish.  In groupings of three or more — say, used as very fancy dining room chairs, for example — these modern works of art might border on visual overload, but when on their own in singular form or presented in twos, they’re simply striking.

10 Simply Elegant Accent Chairs



overstuffed black accent chair



Barrister seat from Armen Living



large faux leather accent



light blue tufted side seat



black leather circle seat



red anchor seater



soft grey accent chair



corner accent furniture



tufted brown leather


Barrister and corner accent chairs found at Armen Living.