10 Storage Cabinets Worth Looking Into

The stuff of life can be a little cumbersome — especially the parts we don’t keep in plain view.  That’s where today’s roundup of eye-catching storage cabinets comes in; where these pieces are concerned, being hidden away is more of a delicate placement than a demotion.  We all have papers we need to save, trinkets we just can’t throw away, and — truth? — well-intentioned yet hideous gifts we keep hidden away except for those rare occasions when the people who gave them to us come over to visit and we put them on display.   There’s no need to stuff non-essentials into boxes and leave them in the garage when they can stay accessible, organized and can even, in some small way, contribute to the beauty of a room thanks to the thoughtful pieces in which they reside.

green wall-mounted storage system

Large-Scale Storage System from Momento Italia



hive cabinets

Accordion Cabinet by Elisa Strozyk and Sebastian Neeb



color block storage cabinet

Colorful Storage Cabinet from A2 Sweden



illuminated storage cabinet

EO Illuminated Cabinet by Iterluebke



luggage storage cabinets

Luggage-Inspired Storage Cabinets by Casamania



moon cabinet

Lunar Cabinet by Sotirios Papadopoulos



white modular storage system

Modular Storage System from Quad 35



angular black storage cabinet

The Rocky Cabinet from Joel Escalona



yellow storage cabinets

Yellow Storage Cabinet from A2 Sweden



colorful wall-mounted storage cubes

Cube Cabinets from Umlaute Designbureau


Several elements found at A2 Sweden.