10 Surprisingly Cool Pieces of Wicker Furniture

Generally speaking, wicker furniture isn’t exactly stunning.  We have to admit, though, that since it can be made from environmentally-conscious, sustainable materials, we’re willing to give it a second chance, and that’s why we took a spin around the web today to see what we could find.  In all honesty, it was a pleasant surprise to run across pieces like the unexpected black and white patio set from Borek and the oddly charming (if Ramen-noodle-ish) Pope Chair from PIE Studio founder Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta.  Really, when you get down to it, almost everyone deserves a second chance at some point, and today seems like as good a time as any, given this admittedly eye-catching and eco-friendly roundup.

pope chair

The Pope Chair by PIE Studio



black and white wicker patio set

Black & White Wicker Patio Set from Haute Terasse by Borek



wicker bowl chair

Bowl Chair from Emu Wicker



wicker patio sofa

South Sea Patio Sofa



woven lounge chair

The Doeloe Lounge Chair by Abie Abdillah



leaf shaped patio chairs

The Leaf Collection by Dedon



wicker chaise lounge

The Main Circle Chaise Lounge



wicker lamps

Wicker Lamps by The Andes House



wicker loungers

Wicker Loungers from Manutti



modern wicker patio furniture

Wicker Patio Furniture by Vivavi



Pope chair found at PIE Studio/Project Import-Export.