10 Unexpectedly Grown-Up Twin Beds

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Dodu Twin Bed from Blu Dot

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Twin beds automatically call to mind images of childhood bedrooms, bunks and sleepovers.  But in a world in which budgets and homes are both shrinking rapidly, for those of us on the small side ourselves, the option seems more viable than it may have a few years ago.  When even Nate Berkus (the interior designer du jour thanks to his rise to fame via his work with Oprah Winfrey) lives in a 550-square-foot apartment in New York City and makes it look as chic as the most cutting-edge mansion on the market, it stands to reason that the rest of us can make do in a small space as well.  If a small bed is in order, today’s roundup might be just the place to start browsing.

blue twin bed
Dodu Twin Bed from Blu Dot



basket weave twin bed
Extra Long Twin Bed from Antalya



twin canopy bed
Four-Poster Twin Bed from Houzz



upholstered twin bed
Monte Designs Dorma Twin Bed



rustic wood twin bed
Natural Twin Bed from Rustic Wood



chic twin bed
Nook Twin Bed from Blu Dot



scandinavian twin bed
Oeuf Sparrow Twin Bed



twin sleigh bed
Pod Twin Bed by 2Modern



tufted twin headboard
Templeton Twin Bed from Jonathan Adler



twin trundle bed
Twin Bed from Argington Ayres



Nook bed found at Blu Dot.