10 Unique Lamps Shed a Little Light on Things

Etsy pendant lamps
Idle Max Lamp by David Abad

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Around here, we see a lot of beautiful design, inventive manufacturing, interesting color contrasts and generally mindblowing creativity.  For some reason, though, unique lamps always seem to hold our attention longer than any other category of the subject matter we cover.  Like magpies attracted to shiny objects, we can’t get enough of a great upcycled pendant light or a luminous floor lamp emanating a sweet amber glow.  Whether it’s small and sparse or gorgeous and grand, there’s something captivating about a great source of light.  As such, we hope you’re enjoying today’s roundup of unique lamps and their brilliant illumination as much as we are.

10 Unique Lamps Shed a Little Light on Things


bird lamp


beautiful hotel lighting


lamp with hanging crystals


unique wall-mounted lamp


pixel lights


sand lamp


stunning pendant lamp


stencil lamps


swarovski lamps


Pendant lamp with red cords found at Zipper 8 Lighting.