10 Wall Mounted Pot Rack and Pan Storage Ideas that Rock

Wall Mounted Pot Rack and Pan Storage

In small kitchens using a wall mounted pot rack and pan storage is a smart and effective solution for easing the burden in cabinets.  Even in larger spaces, using this technique is beneficial.

Cooking continues to become more popular despite the large numbers of people that dine out frequently.  As the hobby continues to grow, so do the number of items needed in the kitchen.  If you are space challenged, then these ten ideas are just for you.  We believe they solved issues in many types of spaces.



I like the clean idea pictured above. A thin bar of copper extends about six feet creating great opportunities for storage.  This space is very challenging and I like how the owner created a solution just for those challenges.


wall mounted pot and pan storage stainless - Wall Mounted Pot Rack


This is a full set of pots and pans by today’s standards.  I am sure that there is one large piece that is likely being stored elsewhere.  There is a continuity of stainless steel that blends nicely to the gray paint on the wall.


storing pots and pans on a kitchen wall


What a simple solution above?  This could be created easily and even be a DIY project.


tack board being used in home kitchen


I must confess it surprised me by this one but wanted to share it.  I usually find these boards in garages for storing tools.  Well, here it is in a home so add that to the list of uses.


rustic lumber storage in a home


I was really drawn to the rustic lumber above.  It brings nostalgia into an otherwise new looking kitchen design.  The flat wood lacks varnish which I think works nicely next to the banister.


wall spice rack in dark wood color


All of us could use a spice rack so here we see a combination product.  There are spices I use all the time and those are the ones I would place here for quick reaching.


mounted storage solution on brick wall


This picture was important to show that even on a brick surface storage can still be created.


copper pot and pan storage rack


It’s hard to go wrong with copper and this model offers lots of space.   I also like the metal strip which could be used for storing knives.  In this example, there are lots of spreaders which looking at the handles form a decorative collection.


using a chalkboard in kitchen design


rounded wall in home kitchen design


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