10 Ways to Decorate a Home with Maps

Decorating with maps is a fun way to show off your adventurous spirit and wanderlust.  There are so many amazing things you can do with a map to really add interest to a room and make guests ask, “Just where in the world have you traveled?”  The obvious place to hang it would be the wall, but there are so many other ways you can display your map décor.  You can decorate with modern maps or go for an old world design with antiquated maps.  Either way, you are sure to evoke the idea that you are well traveled.  Maps not only show your interest in travel, but can also get you excited to travel.  You can even use the map to pin all the places you’ve been or plan to travel to. Map décor doesn’t just have to be for your child’s room.  It’s fast becoming a popular way to decorate regardless of how old you are.  You’re never too old to dream big, right?  Below are 10 ways to decorate with maps.

As a Mural on a Wall

Decorate a Home with Maps

To Cover a Trunk

Cover a Trunk with maps

As a Scroll on the Wall

Scroll on the Wall

To Travel in your Dreams

Travel in your Dreams


As an Actual Piece of Furniture like this Wooden Desk and Chair by J. Rusten Furniture Studio

map shaped desk

To Liven up a Plain Dresser

map dresser

As a Theme for a Kid’s Room

kids room decor

As an Accent Piece for a Room or Home Office

office desk organization

As a Theme for a Wedding

As a Magnet Board to Get Organized


There are so many ways to incorporate maps into your home décor.  It can give a room an instant worldly touch and a flair for the unknown.  It’s inspiring and exciting.  You can choose a contemporary map for a modern feel or an old world map for an elegant touch.  It can be as simple as displaying a single map decoration or themed with a full on map and globe inspired room.  The choice is yours.  The goal is to inspire yourself and others and create an environment where adventure is waiting around every corner.  Have you used maps for your home décor?


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