10 Whimsical Wrought Iron Beds

Wrought iron beds originally came into being as a solution for wooden beds that were developing parasites.  Whatever the “ick” factor of their origins might have been, though, they’re still going strong several centuries later, and of late, craftsmen have begun incorporating color and other touches of whimsicality into the boudoir classic.  One of the most popular purveyors of wrought iron beds to feminine tastemakers the globe over is, perhaps surprisingly, Anthropologie — the boho-chic retailer known mostly for its ethereal women’s fashions and thoughtfully-curated home accessories.  Several of “Anthro’s” beds are on display here in today’s series, as well as several others from bedmakers large and small.  Whichever one you favor, it’s sure to add a pop of quirkiness and character to any bedroom, and historically speaking, bedbugs certainly won’t be an issue — so, the way we see it, today’s collection is a win-win all around.  Sweet dreams!

red iron bed

Lydia Bed from Anthropologie



blue iron bed

Crawford Queen Bed from Anthropologie



iron canopy bed

Italian Campaign Canopy Bed from Anthropologie



metal canopy bed

Eden Isle Canopy Bed from Stone County Ironworks



wrought iron beds

Iron Bed Frame from CG Sparks



wrought iron trundle bed

Isabelle Child’s Bed with Trundle from Buy Beds Online UK



wrought iron bed

Tree of Life Iron Bed from VivaTerra



Tuscan canopy bed

Tuscan Bed from Caporali



romantic iron bed

Wrought Iron Bed from Ciacci



Italian iron bed

Wrought Iron Bed by Ciacci



Several elements in today’s series found at Anthropologie.