10 Wonderful Ottoman Ideas for a Living Room

If you are looking at ottoman ideas for a living room then this article may be just right for your needs.  Our editors have scoured the internet and come up with ten wonderful examples that can make your home beautiful.  I like how flexible this furniture can be.  It can serve as seating that can be moved around a home easily to accommodate guests or also serve as a foot rest after a long day of work.  It’s for that reason that you should think about your lifestyle and how one of these may fit into it.  The examples cover a range of sizes, upholstery styles and decorative themes.  We hope that you can find some inspiration on these focus pieces.

wonderful ottoman ideas for a living room

This is such a gorgeous space.  The ceiling is masterful with its custom molding work.  The chandelier matches the wall paint so well.   At the center of the room is the ottoman.  It’s uncommon to see this any any design picture, but here it is right in front of us.  The shape being round offers great symmetry among all the other furnishings.

using patterned fabric in living room design

Using a pattern can make a bolder statement and liven up more neutral sofas and love seats.  It’s more conservative to decorate this way and we can see how well it works.

chair using tufted foot rest in blue

This lovely piece caught my eye  Lavender is a great color choice in this space.  I really like how the owner chose this upholstery which is more commonly found in leather sofas.  What a nice design statement this makes.

elegant seating in light colored upholstery

Here is a traditional model with some small wood legs.  I can see this blending well in a home with antiques or decorated in a Southern theme.  A great feature is how much seating space if offers, while not appearing to be over-sized.

three contemporary small ottomans for a home

These are a great fit in a contemporary home that has an open floor plan.  These smaller models are easy to move around and create great places for guests or family to sit on when needed.

colorful small seating for children bedroom

The first thing that came to mind for me was seating for kids.  These fun colors would work well in a boy’s room.

Crochet style furniture that is hand made

This would take a lot of cross-stitching to create!  On a serious note, it creates an appearance of DIY.   For a home where the person creates many of their own possessions these examples would go great.  Cats may be an issue though if they wish to sharpen their claws on the fabric.

wicker furniture example inside a home

Most designers would not consider wicker in a living room design as that is often used in outdoor furniture.  It’s interesting to see it used in this picture.  Frankly, there is a lot going on here between the accent pillows, throw blanket and zebra print on the wall.  Nonetheless, we still wanted to share this just as a possible idea.

home decorating with various design styles

Using a cream tufted leather is an interesting choice in this space.  Notice that they have a portable table top so it doubles as a coffee table.  It’s a good idea to have flexible pieces so that they can be switched to fit the occasion.

Cow Hide Pattern in Living Room Design

Well here is the last piece of the list featuring cow hide.  This is a bold look, but it works here on the soft maple floors.

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