10 Workstation Designs Perfect for Telecommuters

As more people than ever work from home, in coffeehouses and at increasingly popular coworking spaces, the demand for aesthetically sound, ergonomically-correct home office furniture is as high as it’s ever been.  And with living spaces shrinking to the point where home office furniture is invading living rooms and bedrooms alike, gone are the days of sprawling multi-level modular furniture that spans three walls and needs its own enclosed room in order to function properly.  Today’s roundup of workstation designs span from simple, minimalist twists of wood like the Solitaire Workstation by Alexander Lotersztain Studio to the uber-futuristic, over-the-top Surf Chair from Kenneth Lylover. In any event, working from home is as cool as it’s ever been, but these unique telecommuting stations make it look even cooler.


Solitaire Task Station by Alexander Lotersztain Studio



aircraft desk

Desk Made from a DC30 Aircraft Cowling



high-tech workstation

The Surf Chair from Kenneth Lylover



convertible work station

Convertible Workstation by Natalia Boublik



green work desk

Green Desk and Accents by Pierandrei Associati



glass work station

Strata Workstation by Karim Rashid



mobile glass office

Mobile Glass Desk by Gallotti & Radice



modern small space office

Small Space Office Furniture from Miso Soup Design



iDesk workstation

09 The iDesk Wall-Mounted Work station from P’Ground


workstation complex

C-Scape Work station by Steelcase


Mobile glass workstation found at Gallotti & Radice.