10 Key Holder Ideas for Organization and Storage

How many times have you heard that an acquaintance has misplaced their keys? That personal experience was my inspiration for “10 Key Holder Ideas for Organization and Storage”. My first discovery is the number of methods in which to store them including hooks, cabinets, dishes and combination wall mounted units that also store letters and sunglasses and the other small things we look for everyday that we usually cannot find fast enough. My objective was to find key holders that were relatively inexpensive and offered a useful and sometimes playful place to keep track of our small belongings.

His and key holders

His and Her hooks. Price: £12.50 each.

coin dish

Dish. £15 each.

Key organizer

Hanger. Price: £15 each. Buy Product: Here.

wall mounted mirror cabinet
wall mounted storage cabinet

Cameron Mirrored Cabinet. Price: $80 each.

stainless steel keychain rack

Blomus Holder with Tray. Price: $42 each.

wall mounted letter holder

Umbra Wall Mounted Espresso Key and Letter Holder. Price: $15 each.

metal letter organizer

Letter Organizer with Hooks. Price: £12.50 each.

sunglass and phone organizer

rock with storage space

Realistic Rock  Price: $6.50.

decorative wall hooks

City Hook Price $22

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