11 Artistic Wall Shelves Highlighted from Organized Homes

When you look around the internet there are many artistic wall shelves which are creative, whimsical and often times clever in design. A lot of times I see just the idea itself, but not a room or a home to gain an understanding of how a whole room comes together. Today we want to focus on showing these wonderful creations in organized homes. There are a number of reasons for this. Being able to visualize the amount of wall taken up is critical when planning out a room. Also, many people struggle with how much stuff to put in storage. How many times have you seen items overflowing from a space where a good idea has now become clutter or borderline hoarding? The good news is that there is a balance. The eleven pictures we are sharing today show the way to juggle these opposing views and create a vision in your own home that is clean, focused and fresh.

simple tree branch artistic wall shelf

Now this branch is so refreshing to they eye.  It’s small but makes a statement in how it flows across the room.  Notice how few items are stored on it.  Since it is a delicate and tiny example, it cannot be overwhelmed with too many accessories.

artistic wall shelves in organized home

The staging of books, vases and other objects is well done here and in proportion to the room.  There is not much move that can be added without moving more towards a cluttered look.  It’s interesting to point out that the metal brackets do not take away from the nice appeal of the wood.  You almost have to look closely to see them.

floor standing glass wall shelving in room

geometric wall shelves with storage units

The geometry in this picture is wonderful.  I love the shape of the curves and angles as it moves up towards the ceiling.   The wall storage shapes blend in so nicely that it creates a great visual pattern for the eye.

nine small shelves in different colors on wall

modular stacking artistic wall shelves in wood

black wood wall shelving design in home

minimal shelving design in modern living room

artistic wall shelving pictured in living room

glass shelving on wall in modern home

honeycomb pattern artistic wall shelving design

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