12 Beautiful And Feminine Furniture Pieces

The ersatz feminist in me is always on a lookout for various forms of art that pay homage to women and its silhouette. Listed below are some of the most stunning and innovative pieces of furniture that are distinctly feminine and embrace its curves proudly.

The Stiletto Table By Splinter Works

The Voici Lamp by Italamp

The Form Follows Function Sofa by Daan Mulder

The Capri Lamp by Italamp

The Lily Lace Chair by Dror Benshetrit

The Marea Swarovski Table Lamo by  Elizabeth Lyons

The Barbie Foot Foosball Table by Chloe Ruchon (link)

Mariposa Lighted headboard by Adele-c

Innocenza Womanly Chair by Polsit

The Wild Etiquette Lounge Chair by Dima Loginoff

The Perspective Chair by Pharell Williams



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