12 Eye Catching Contemporary Coffee Tables

Contemporary Coffee Tables

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With so many coffee tables available today on the market, it could get difficult to decide, specially if you are that type of person who loves to entertain guests and at the same time, put a lot of attention on your living room’s looks.

A coffee table is a style of low living room table that, as the Ottoman Empire, has its origins in Turkey. It is a piece of functional furniture that is intended to be placed next to a sofa or between armchairs to support coffee, magazines and your mobiles, hence the name.

As everything invented in the past, its design evolved over time and nowadays is no longer subject to strict utility and it has become almost an art piece, which is often the focal point of the room.

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You’ll probably ask yourself now, what is the difference between a coffee table and a cocktail one, as they are both low and intended to be placed in front of the sofa? The answer is in the shape, cocktail ones are rectangular while the ones intended for coffee have a round or circular shape.

With utilities being the same for both, there are no added advantages or disadvantages in choosing any one, except for maybe a purist person who will clearly see “way better then we do” the differences.

And with so many designs available, who really cares how you gonna call your furniture! Contemporary designs with straight, circular and even irregular edges allow you to call them coffee tables and cocktail tables at the same time.


contemporary coffee tables


Do you want something just to match your living room decor, something eye-catching, are you in need of extra storage space or you wanna start playing while enjoying your coffee?

No matter how different your home decor is, and how needy you are, there is a type of coffee table that will match everyone’s tastes perfectly. See our selection of twelve modern, functional and eye-catching coffee tables, and select the one that best fits you.


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