12 Decorative Wall Key Holders

Misplacing your keys at one time or another is an inevitable evil. Whether you’re prone to do it everyday or the one time you can’t remember where you left your keys ended up in being late to the biggest business meeting of the year, it’s important that you have “the spot” to place these important pieces every time you walk through the door. But that “spot” doesn’t have to be just a basket or corner you throw them in, instead fashion-forward and functional, decorative wall key holders are just what you need to keep yourself organized and your home stylized.

His and Hers Key Holders: Just insert the key in the lock to keep your keys safe until you next need them.

For something youthful and fun, try out these easy-to-hand his and hers holders. Your guests will get a kick out of them and you’ll never have a problem figuring out which key set is for which car in the mornings. This is the perfect accent for a sleek studio apartment or first-time home for a couple of newlyweds.

Key Pete – Strong Magnetic Key Holder, also available in Red, Blue and Green

This magnetic style is just down-right adorable, don’t you think? Hidden right next to the backdoor ready for your arrivals and departments, this little guy is available in red, blue and green as well as this chic and modern black tone. We love how this piece doesn’t take up too much room but still makes a unique statement.

The Buckle Up Key Holder is produced from a genuine car seat belt buckle.

One way to keep your memory sharp is to use a piece of the car as both wall decor and storage for your keys. This innovative, genuine car seat belt buckle is the perfect way to remember where to put them. It’s edgy, it’s fun and it’ll definitely be an easy conversational piece when guests arrive.

Place this concrete box on the wall, chose the shape you like -square, circle, triangle- and simply enjoy the new rules in the house. Smart and easy.

Everyone gets likes this masculine, hipster new piece of functional wall decor. This concrete block goes right up on the wall and then everyone gets a shade or “cubby” for themselves. Stick to the rules and no one will forget where there keys are at and laying around.

12 Decorative Wall Key Holders
An original key holder for couples made of beech wood. Love can be so beautiful!

We are absolutely swooning over this adorable, original “puzzle piece”. Made out of simple beech wood, this piece is both a decorative accent and a key chain all in one – just don’t lose the medallion or it won’t work. This is such a great gift for a bridal shower or housewarming gift.

Designed to enhance any room decoration while providing an efficient and readily accessible key storage.

For a larger family, a version with more storage may be in order. And instead of hanging a bunch of hooks without any style, we recommend going with something a bit more efficient and fashion-forward. This cabinet has the ability to enhance any room, while still being a super functional and versatile piece of storage.

Designed by Malorie Pangilinan and Luz Cabrera, the “Honey, I’m Home!” not only act as an ordinary key holder but also a great decoration for you walls.

This modern, honeycomb piece works as the perfect decoration for your foyer or kitchen while still making it incredibly easy to find and hang your keys. We love the contemporary feel of this accent and how it serves as a artistic accessory as well.

Antler 4 Key Holder with Oak Leaves and Acorns adds a pleasant touch of nature to your wall and keeps your keys within reach

Are you searching high and low for something a bit more rustic that goes with your country, cozy and more traditional home? Well, we found this antler design that can add just the right amount of the great outdoors to your walls in a comfortable and welcoming way. And there’s room for four sets!

Key hook rack with metal bike art sculpture to organize keys or jewelry in a home

This one is literally a two-in-one piece but also is made with an artistic feel in mind. The metal bike art sculpture enhances your walls with a contemporary, edgy twist and you and your partner has an easy place to hang your keys every morning and night.

You can now organize and hang your keys in style. You will not realize how handy a key organizer is until you have one.

Maybe you’re looking for a piece to go in the garage or the “man cave” downstairs. A bit of sports decor will always make the guys in the family happy, and this design has plenty of slots for organizing your various cars and toys.

Why not tailor these pretty little birdhouses to your particular taste and style to create a special little place for your keys that is both unique and practical?

How adorable is this? Not only is this a fun DIY that even a novice person could handle, but it’s absolutely charming! We see this working great in a sorority house, apartment or even in your teen girl’s bedroom (you know how teenagers are with misplacing their things!).


Why not try something a bit more industrial for your masculine-touched and edgy space? These rustic faucet hooks make for the perfect way to hang your keys and never lose sight of them when your at home. Besides, it’s quite a cool way to organize and style even the most bare and boring corners.

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