super modern kitchen islands

12 Kitchen Islands Perfect for Home Remodeling Projects

We sought out kitchen islands that would fit a lot of different design styles and found these twelve amazing examples. Our basis was considering home remodeling projects only as opposed to new construction. So many families live in the perfect neighborhood with mature trees, established schools and great friendships and yet lack the modern amenities that we have become accustomed to in current era architectural design. So as you consider updating take a look at these ideas and see what grabs your fancy. Whether round, L-shaped or rectangular these pictures cover a variety of options.

dark wood with light marble kitchen islands

kitchen island designs

kitchen island with bar

L Shaped Kitchen Islands

large wood kitchen islands

long marble kitchen islands

There is an interesting contrast in this example.  The countertops are fabulous and it’s nice how the same stone follows all the way to the flooring.  It’s not too much darkness as you considering the over shade of the room.

over sized kitchen islands

round modern kitchen islands

stainless steel design

in wall kitchen cabinets

futuristic home design

red cabinetry

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