15 Cool And Modern Rocking Chairs

Typically the quintessential rocking chairs out there are usually passe and dare I say boring. In this modern day world where minimalism and clean lines seem to dominate traditional furniture, it is no surprise that even the good old rocking chair has been given a makeover. I think one of the things that keep rockers from being more widely accepted is the stigma that they are for the elderly and not someth9ng for the design and style oriented interiors. Well as we see here at FF so many times, given time and inspiration the competent designers out there will make everything more appealing through simple function form and good looks never hurt. Listed below are some of the coolest incarnation of the proverbial rocking chair that have been generating a lot of buzz and have rocked  (pardon the pun) the design continuum.  We hope you find one that will change your mind about this often overlooked chair option.
Eco-Friendly Empower By Ryan Klinger



The Purity By Scott Wilson



Child’s By Luis Luna

CNC By Hongtao Zhou


Handcrafted Rocking Chair


Modern Design By Kati Meyer-Brühl

Morphogenesis Lounge Rocker By Timothy Schreiber

Rocking Wheel Chair By Mathias Koehler

“Water in the Southern Hemisphere” By Ron Arad

Chain Rocker By BRC Designs

Electric Charger By Shawn Kim

The Voido By Ron Arad

The Human Anatomy By Pouyanm


The Murakami With OLED Lamp By  Rochus Jacob


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