15 Cool Examples Of Cardboard Made Furniture

Think cardboard and the mind instantly conjures up images of that excruciatingly dull and rather horrid brown packing material. However, trust the design continuum to make cardboard cool. Don’t believe us? Well then check out our list of the coolest examples of cardboard furniture which not only showcases the designer’s imagination but also their design conscious.

Chic Cardboard Furniture by Fashion4Home



Cardboard Fluted Table by Giles Miller

Cardboard Lamp by Yano-Shiki


The Wiggle Chair by Frank Gehry

King Louis Cardboard Table by Gareth Neal

Recycled Cardboard ‘Scrap Lamps

The Cardboard Chaise by Antonela Dada and Bruno Sala

The Cardboard Chaise by Henry Pilcher

The Cat Cocoon by Warren Lieu

The My Space Cardboard Folding Play Area by Liya Mairson

Vouwwow Cardboard Chair by Maartje Nuy and Joost van Noort

Wall Shelf Prototype

Ying Yang Cardboard Shelf by Eric Guiomar



The Green Recyclable Cardboard Desk