15 Cool Examples Of Diamond Inspired Furniture

They say that diamonds are a girls best friend and who can argue with such great logic? However, it is not just us females who find the stone enthralling and the A&D field too seems to be fascinated with it. Diamond has been a popular design inspiration for decades now and listed below are some of the most beautiful diamond inspired furniture.

The Random8 Chair by Pitaya Design

The Diamond Modern Pendant Lamp by  Hiroki Takada  

The Diamond Chair By Nendo

The Crystal Bathtub With Diamond Cut


The Bullet Table by Alexandra von Furstenberg

Teknobili Oz Diamond Edition Bathroom Faucet


Rough Diamond Sofa by Lee Broom

PlumeBlanche’s Leather And Diamond Encrusted Luxury Sofa

Goth Diamond Table by Boca do Lobo


The Glorify Armchair Diamond Table


Flatlift Diamond TV Unit With Real Diamond Dust


Diamond Bed by Edra

The Diamond Sofa from Sand & Birch


Diamond Cut Aqua Jewels Collection by  Marcel Wanders


Gold And Diamond Cooking Pot

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