15 Cool Solar Powered Home Gadgets And Home Accessories

“Design with a conscious” is a mantra we all believe in. And in our own little way, can make Earth a better place to live. Since I would like to extol the virtues of solar energy without sounding too preachy, I decided to list some of the coolest solar powered home gadgets and accessories. The best part? These gadgets are not too expensive and highly accessible to the average consumer.

The Wild Grass Solar Garden Light

The Sun Jar Light 

The Solar Stairway Light

The Solar Powered Rain Sensor

The Solar Lampion by Damian O’Sullivan

The Solar Insect Zappers 

The Sun Table 

The Sunflower Solar Power Station

SOLo – Solar Powered Table

The Solar Spark Lighter

Solar Powered Lawn Mower by SILENT

The Solar Power Plant Pot

Solar Bonsai Tree USB Charger


Portable Solar Kitchen by Xcruza Design Studio

The  Solar House Number Display & Mailbox  


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