15 Quirky And Funky Modern Table Lamps

When it comes to neglected home accessories, table lamps tops the list since most of us tend to opt for any generic model and seldom focus on its aesthetic value. However you selection of interior lighting does not need to be just practical and should be an extension of your personality or your home decor. In fact if you like me are bored of the usual run of the mill lighting fixtures you will like the creative approach these rather cool designs offer. There is something here for the tech lover as well as the practical joker. So if you are looking for the perfect lighting fixture then keep reading on as we are about to list some of the funkiest table lamps in the design world. My favorite is the Black and Blum, I think it is so simple yet it says so much at the same time. If you are looking for a more clean looking style you have to see our recent post on 12 Contemporary Ideas and Designs.

The Titanic By Viable London


The Colgao By Enpieza


The Side A Side B


The Black and Blum


The Paper Clip


One Man Shy


Lamp No. 1 By  Nicolo Taliani


The Lambretta


Graphic Printed By Catherine David


“Dishlamp” Lamp By  Denis Belenko and Dmitriy Nkolaenko


Chrysalide By Emmanuel Jacquet


The Barry


The Bamboo Light


At Your Command By Daniel Loves



The GILApple