$15,000 Dining Chair from Ralph Lauren Home

I was browsing for furniture at Ralph Lauren Home and came upon the RL-CF1 silver dining chair. The picture caught my eye, because this piece is so modern in style. My visions of Ralph Lauren Home are very traditional pieces in regular browns and blacks that would be perfect in a conservative decorated house. This piece, however, is very modern with a touch of art deco. The metal on the dining chair is made of carbon fiber. The seat and back are made of white leather.
I was most surprised of the price tag on this chair. This piece actually has a MSRP. Normally, I only see one when I am shopping for a new car. Anyway, priced at $15,395, this piece is about the same cost as buying a car, and I am assuming that this is the price for a single dining chair. Of course, if you need six chairs, you would be near $100,000.
ralph lauren home silver dining chair

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