15 Cool Ceiling Lighting Ideas for the Modern Home

I set out in this blog post to offer some cool ceiling lighting ideas for decorating a modern home. I mentioned in my last article on floor lamps that it is hard to find quality pictures and good product descriptions when it comes to lighting. Now the great thing about a ceiling is the wide variety of lighting options. There can be fixtures that are compact and close to the ceiling or amazing chandeliers. The secret to light decorating is finding the right balance for the room. Frankly, it is very easy to get an oversized fixture that when installed on the ceiling, creates an imbalance for the overall feel of a room. The best advice is to carefully shop for ceiling lighting. I also recommend cutting out a cardboard model of the actual size and placing it in the room. This an easy way to get a sense for the size and impact a fixture can create in a room. These products are all available at Vibia Design.

15 Cool Ceiling Lighting Ideas for the Modern Home
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