15 Must See Outrageous Modern Chair Designs


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Modern chair designs create concept pieces of furniture  that allow us as human beings to relax. Though they are some of the oldest and simplest objects mankind has designed, some designers have thrown out even the basic concept of the chair in lieu of more unique modern thinking as these examples show.  Keep an open mind as you look at the pictures.  Sure, these may not be right for your living space, but think about how big a design statement they would make.

SK Fishbone
This sculptural wooden design features vertical slats that make a strange statement and looks something like a cartoon fish skeleton. Designer Nicolas Marzouanlian developed this eco-friendly indoor or patio style to be a purist piece of furniture making it without the use of glue or screws.
15 Must See Outrageous Modern Chair Designs

Light Up
Light Up is actually a two in one chair and lamp that was inspired by deep sea creatures that catch their food with lights on their heads. Ontwerpers of Netherlands made this piece from a maintenance free fiber reinforced artificial resin body with steel reinforced construction.

chairs with modern design
chair with built in lamp

angler fish
Luis JJ Rocking Armchair
In this outrageous rocking chair the elements of shag rug, metal arms and wooden rocking sleds have been combined. Despite its unusual appearance the “shag rug” combines design elements in such a way that it is surely comfortable to sit on. Designed by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia.

rocking chairs louis jj bandb italia
rocking chairs b&b italia

SheetSeat Folding
Designers Ufuk Keskin and Efecem Kutuk took space saving to another level with their “SheetSeat” which is made of plywood and can be flattened to a mere 3/4″ space. The concept of a set folding up this small is a remarkable innovation in modern design thinking.
folding chairs flat design
Bouquet Chair by Moroso
The “Bouquet Chair” from designer Tokujin Yoshioka was inspired by an installation in the Moroso New York showroom that included 30 thousands paper tissues that simulated a cloud-like atmosphere. Outrageous in most settings you could imagine, it likely will not be gracing many “bachelor pads” and might even challenge girl pads as well.

floral chairs moroso bouquet chair
chairs bouquet seating moroso furniture

Binta Armchair from Moroso M’Afrique Collection
As a guy it’s hard to put colors together and usually mixing multiple colors is a bad idea. The “Binta Armchair” from Moroso screams “loud” in every possible way, a crazy mix of outrageous colors and patterns. Sure, a super-casual style can work in the right setting, but imagine trying to fit this somewhere in your own living space.

chairs fabric armchairs moroso
chairs with colorful furniture fabrics moroso
armchairs modern african upholstered furniture moroso

Savannah Bent Wood Rocker
Real wood-working is an art form that dates back to the inception of furniture itself, and Jolyon Yates carries on the tradition in style. According to Yates his focus is to “display the soul by reflecting the care and honesty with which they have been conceived and crafted in a world of loveless volume manufacturing”. The Savannah Rocker molds carefully selected Birch Ply into outrageous shape to create this mastery in modern design and depart from “mass production” principles.

rocking chairs bent wood furniture john yates
wood rocking chairs bent wood jolyon yates

Cloud by Richard Hutton
The “Cloud” by Richard Hutton is an unusual creation to say the least. It is constructed from nickel plated cast-aluminum in the shapes of small balls resembling features found in clouds. Standard upholstery options for most are usually in the realms of fabric and leather. In this example nickel plated aluminum presents an outrageous alternative to traditional fabric or leather upholstery.

chairs and metal furniture richard hutton
cloud chair charles hutton

Voido Rocker by Ron Arad
Designer Ron Arad uses polyurethane to add structural integrity and visual appeal to the “Voido” rocking chair. Voido’s never-ending curves look artistic and sensual when viewed from any angle.

Ultra Modern Voido Rocking Chair

Sound by Natuzzi
At first glance the new Sound from Natuzzi of Italy is without a doubt a great-looking classic option. Upon further full body inspection and a touch of today’s modern technology one will find an iPod jack and speakers placed perfectly in the headrest for a relaxing musical experience. Natuzzi gets two thumbs up for recognizing the importance of integrating technology into its otherwise typical-looking design.

sound chair with ipod hook up
chair with speakers ipod connection

Lofty Lounge Series from MDF Italia
The Lofty collection MDF Italia may be what the future of furniture holds. The stainless steel versions of the Lofty are limited and unsurprisingly, the work involved has a significant effect on the price. One cannot be sure how comfortable the chrome version is, but I can see it is very striking.

Chrome chairs mdf italia
Modern Chaise Lounge MDF Italia
Chairs and chaise lounges
Chairs MDF Italia Lofty Modern

Crochet by Marcel Wanders
The “Crochet” from Marcel Wanders takes the “crochet and knitting concept” in a different direction in this outrageous interpretation of that old hobby. Its construction of resin and fiber create a durable structure that has the fragile look of “crochet” made items.

chairs marcel wanders crochet
crochet chair marcel wanders

Lobster and Shelly by Verikon
Verikon, a veteran of Scandinavian furniture designed the “Lobster” and “Shelly” chairs with help from Oluf Lund and Eva Paarmann, who work with furniture inspired by the skeletons of crayfish. The results are sculptural and comfortable shapes with a very strong construction, like the skeleton of a lobster. Inspiration and construction aside, the Lobster and Shelly show us the modern lounge seating like never before, in a really creative and understated design.

lobster chair verikon
shelley chair verikon furniture

The Cut by Domenico de Palo
The “Cut” from AntiDiva creates visual impact from opposing shapes. The outrageous element of Cut is its stark minimalism and how it creates such a stunning modern design out of a simple conceptual “cut” in a solid object. You would think that “less would not create more”, but in the case of this one it does. The look when several are put together into a sectional is every striking.

chairs cut anti diva
super chair designs

The Ghost

The “Ghost” from FIAM makes the list but last as it is constructed of solid glass, a very unpractical structural material. This chair is currently shown in museums around the world including the Triennale di Milan, Italy and the Corning Museum of Glass, N.Y USA, further proving it to be more of a novelty than a design for everyday use.

bent glass chair fiam of italy