16 Must Have Home Bar Accessories

Make your home bar the talk of the town without any remodeling. Get some cool bar accessories and enjoy all your soirees like never before. Listed below are some must have bar accessories that range from wine glasses, to ice buckets, to coasters to beer coolers.

Multi Colored LED Color Changing Ice Bucket with Remote Control

Atomic Glow Margarita Cups

Botanical Bombay Sapphire Glasses by Benjamin Hubert

Bubble Bar Stools by Delight


Champagne Glasses by Welmadeproducts

The Classic Betty Boop Wine Glass

The Cocktail Shake-O-Matic

Hopside Down Beer Glass by Dima Komissarov

iPhone Coasters

The LED Ice Bucket

Litecubes Lighted Ice Cubes

Remote Controlled Booze Server

The Bullet Ice Tray

The Glass Tank by Kouichi Okamoto

The Vortex Cocktail Shaker

Zippered Wine Glass