16 Of The Worlds Coolest Examples Of Origami Inspired Furniture

In 16 of the world’s coolest Origami inspired furniture, designers take the traditional Japanese art of paper folding to a new level.  The practice has also caught the imagination of architects and industrial designers  all over the world as they have reimagined this art beautifully in their contemporary creations. Listed below are some of the most stunning and coolest Origami inspired furniture, furnishings and design.

The White Flower Table By  Sigrid Strömgren & Sanna Lindstrom

The Sputnik Table By  Buro Vormkrijgers

The Origami Bookshelf

The Clouds Wall Tiles By Kvadrat

The Origami-Inspired Stairs

Origami-Inspired Folding Bamboo House

The Opa Chair

The Cristalplant Based Origami Bathtub Series By Stocco

The Foscarini Rock Suspension Lamp By Diesel

The Cootie Catcher Aluminum Table

The Origami Wall Unit by Reflex-Angelo

The Fold Chair By Nina Bruun

Quilt Construction By Studio Gorm

Oru Coffee Table By Brooke Woosley

Origami Furniture Collection By Vondom


Origami Armchair By Frank Lloyd Wright



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