14 Cool Modern Bookshelves For Home Usage

If you are always running out of space for storing your books and don’t want a stuff old library in your house then this is the post for you. Listed below are some of the coolest bookshelves on the market which act as your personal libraries. All the mentioned products are fun, funky and functional and very relevant in modern homes.

Wisdom Tree Bookshelf By Jodi Mila


The United States Map Bookshelf By  Ron Arad

The Pulse Bookshelf By  Måns Salomonsen

The Patatras Bookshelves

The Console Bookshelf By Katz

The Circular Bookshelf By  Zhdanova Irina

The Bookshelf Chair By Nobodyandco


The AAKKOSET Bookshelf By  Lincoln Kayiwa

Casual Style Bookshelf

Biblio Bathtub With Bookshelf By Antonio Lupi

The Infinity Bookshelf By Job Koelewijn

The Staircase Bookshelf By Tim Sloan


The Circular Library With Seating Solution By Thomas Mills

The Spinning The Giro One Library By Juli Kim

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