20 Contemporary Freestanding Bathtubs Ideas and Pictures

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Contemporary Freestanding Bathtubs

Thinking about redecorating your bathroom in a fancy style? Take a look at there twenty concrete Freestanding Bathtubs ideas and get inspired!

If you want something special for your bath, what could be cooler then a contemporary concrete tub? They are pretty expensive to buy, between 7.000 and 20.000 dollars, but if you don’t have all these money to spare you can always consider home made projects.

In the past few years many DYI ideas have appeared on the internet, so in case you have a generous space in your bathroom and plenty of time, you could try to make it yourself. If made properly, concrete tubs offer many advantages like being able to create it according to your special needs , the ability to add a unique colors and a long resistance in time.



Concrete Tubs Ideas. Freestanding Bathtubs


In this article we are showing you Concrete Freestanding Bathtubs ideas that are both offered for sale and also home made, in order to decide what best suits you.
If redecorating, you don’t have to be stuck with a white or almond tub that will destroy the aspect of your bathroom.

Time to be bold, and opt in for richer tones that offer warmth and elegance. When it comes to shapes things become even more interesting, because you can choose from almost an infinity of shapes from squares to ovals and from round to even triangular. All that matters is to make it blend and fit in the space you want it to!


amazing concrete works. Freestanding Bathtubs


Third plus in case of a concrete tub, is the space you have inside it. Unlike acrylic tubs you’ll find in the store in which most likely you won’t have enough room to keep both your feet and your chest under water, in one of these, not only you can choose the width but you can also choose the perfect depth that fits you in order to offer you perfect moments of relaxation.


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bathroom with sea view


bedroom with tub. Freestanding Bathtubs


Freestanding Bathtubs. concrete vanity units



concrete walls and accessories


Freestanding Bathtubs. contemporary concrete tub


Freestanding Bathtubs. cool bathroom projects



Freestanding Bathtubs. cool reinforced concrete items


Freestanding Bathtubs. Stunning bathtub in gray concrete


Freestanding Bathtubs. innovative bathroom design ideas


Freestanding Bathtubs. interesting bathroom furniture



Freestanding Bathtubs. interesting concrete works


large concrete tub ideas


Freestanding Bathtubs. luxury bathroom furniture


Freestanding Bathtubs. luxury concrete bathtub



Freestanding Bathtubs. round apartment tub


round bathroom tubs. Freestanding Bathtubs



Freestanding Bathtubs. wide bathroom tub