20 Quality Outdoor Furniture Shapes to Consider when Decorating

Quality outdoor furniture

Decorating a patio is an art form these days. There are so many options on the market. In this article I set out to present 20 different quality outdoor furniture shapes for readers.

My reasoning is the first decision to make is to determine what shape of furniture fits your lifestyle. It could be a dinette set, chaise, or a sofa that may best suit your family when you think about spending time outside and enjoying life.

As I worked on this piece, I was surprised by the number of choices available. All of the pieces shown here are from the same furniture maker which should make it easier to pick out what looks best for you.

Quality outdoor furniture


This armchair is a fun piece. The squared off look provides a stable base even on windy days. It features a comfortable set of arms and a deep seat cushion to provide an easy seating experience.

modern outdoor furniture wave chaise paola lenti

This modern outdoor chaise features a very “minimal” look. It has a low profile as it sits close to the ground. The curvature of the chaise matches that of a natural laying down position of the spine.

Wicker Chair

An outdoor bar stool is always a classic choice. This model has a cushion strap that goes underneath the bar stool to secure from sliding or wind. Bar stools generally promote socializing so if you imagine there to be a lot of talking among friends and family, bar stools can certainly help facilitate the conversation.

Sun Deck Lounger and Bench by Michael Koenig


Outdoor Furniture Set

An outdoor furniture set like this one is an all in one approach to providing seating needs for family and friends. This model features boxy styling in its armchairs, loveseat, and accent tables.

One consideration in looking at sets is if you will need all the pieces in the set and can it fit into your patio or outdoor area. It is easy to buy too much furniture where the outdoor space becomes cramped.

outdoor garden furniture iron
Brighten your patio furniture with a fresh coat of paint!

This patio furniture set features more of an old fashioned iron set that has had a fresh coat of paint. It looks stunning and comfortable due to the metal springs built into the frame. This table would be too small for gaming such as cards, dominoes, or a board game.


outdoor sofa and table set

This outdoor coffee table is a good fit for any type of chair where you may want to stretch your legs out onto. The table could also provide a place to place drinks or a plate of food while eating outdoors.

Quality outdoor furniture

Here is the second example of patio seating shaped like a nest where 1-2 people can comfortable lounge. When I think of reading a book outdoors this piece has its appeal.

Hopefully, if you are serious about this shape you have additional room where some other pieces can be added to offer a variety of seating choices. The other drawback is if you get thirsty this one will be really hard to climb out of and make your way for another beverage!


wicker furniture outdoors


Lilia Bistro & Chaise Lounge Patio Set,

The heart shape patio set gets its name after the shapes of bistro tables found in Paris for example. As an accent table the bistro design has a lot of character and is more eye catching than more square examples.

The only concern would be the tendency for a table to be blown over or knocked over due to its less stable base. If you do have glass bottles or drinking glasses this could create a safety hazard.

modern patio lounge chair dedon

The modern patio lounge chair dedon here is a bit different than an everyday coffee table. This could be used as an accent or a taller version of a coffee table. Its overall design is very simple with four legs and one connecting piece for each set of table legs.

Quality Patio Seating


Wicker Loungers from Manutti


Double wicker hanging chair

Wicker Chair


Quality Outdoor Wicker chair


clothes hamper storage basket wicker

Modern Wicker Chair


Modern Wicker Chair


Modern Wicker Chair

Covered wicker patio chairs


Modern wicker patio furniture


wicker patio furniture sets


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