24 Inch Wide Wine Cooler by Miele

The KWT1611 Vi wine cooler from Miele is narrow with a width of 24 inches. Despite its narrow size it can hold up to 84 bottles of wine storage. The wine is held on nice wooden racks which are great in preserving bottles while also adding to the nostalgia of wine collecting. The wine racks fully extend out giving you ample room to load, review, and remove wine bottles. The cooling system includes three separate temperature zones providing more control over temperature setting. Thus, if you want your white wine or champagne colder, it can be accommodated in their system.

The Miele Wine cooler has LED lighting inside using their ClearView lighting technology. This lighting illuminates the wine in a tasteful matter while not causing harm to the bottle contents. This product is also enabled to their Wi Fi technology. If you have a LAN and connect the appliance, the service center can monitor your wine cooler remotely. Thus, if you have an issue where the temperature drops, you will be notified so that the service problem can be addressed. The unit can be built into cabinetry or left free standing as in the picture. Like their other products commitment to quality makes their appliances quite durable.  Price: $6,995.
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Miele Wine Storage

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