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25 Contemporary Artematica Kitchens from Valcucine

The Artematica kitchens from Valcucine’s new collection are built to interpret the contemporary kitchen in a whole different way. The collection is intending to offer a timeless aesthetic and hand-crafted workmanship that reflects the taste of the owner.
The avant-garde technical solutions, the shapes, the materials and colors used in a wide range of configurations create a unique and tailor made style, enabeling the customer, designer or architect to express their own creativity freely without the restrictions imposed by classic designs. Modern lines, contemporary style and sophistication are only a few words that one can use to best describe this amazing collection.


vlacucine artematica glass kitchen

Valcucine has been standing out in the kitchen sector for over thirty-five years, focusing on wellbeing, innovation and timeless kitchens, that are made to last.
Same as every other piece in Valcucine‘s designs, the Artematica kitchens collection is designed with people in mind. A product that contributes to the wellness and needs of the user, characterized by minimalist shapes as well as the usage of geometric, linear themes and sort of strange but eye-catching features that complete the looks.

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Using neat volumes, accurately researched materials and functional elements, the Artematica collection transforms the contemporary kitchen into a room where space and elegance combine in perfect harmony.
A collection specially designed for homes where the kitchen plays a very important role, and is not only a need. Artematica kitchens are solid, luxurious, specially conceived to improve the ergonomics and the use of space and at the same time with a touch of personality and refined components.
Anyone can freely express their own personal desires and needs, when choosing one of the twenty five designs available in a wide range of materials like painted glass, steel, aluminium or marble and wide variety of colors like ice white, black, red, yellow, green or blue, to name just a few.


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large kitchen design with aluminium and steel

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inox professional cooking area

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Atematica Noce Tattile

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