$25,000 Swarovski Crystals Luxury Toilet

Think  Swarovski and the mind instantly conjures up something glittery and sparkly. There is no dearth of luxury of products that use crystals and most of them end up being over the top. The outrageous Toilet is no different and is the height of frivolity. This $25000 toilet  is perfect for the rich man’s derriere who has oodles of cash to flush down the drain (no pun intended). Embedded with  10,000 Swarovski  Crystals, by the West Palm Beach, Florida based company named Let’s Crystal It, the toilet is unabashedly extravagant. In fact, the manufacturers employed three individuals for the task of encrusting the crystals and it took them an incredible forty hours to embed it with crystals. So if adorning your home with luxury products that epitomize opulence is your style, then you know what to shop for over the weekend.