Bookcases : 30 Outstanding Designs for Home or Office

Sure books are slowly becoming second to the hand held devices that can store literally volumes of your favorite authors works but for those who have not gone totally tech, you may need one of there. So here are 30 of the most unique and unusual bookcases that made our list of outstanding and great looking designs and styles in a wide selection of materials, sizes and shapes. Bookcases can be much more than storage units, they are often a very unique piece that can give a special touch to your home or office with a personality all their own. As you will see in this collection, there are some very creative designers that are able to transform an otherwise boring storage unit into works of art. We hope you fins a great looking one for your home or office.

urbinati_wave glass shelving.jpg
all glass bookcase.jpg
wave shelf bookcase.jpg
wall mounted bookshelf.jpg
angular bookcases.jpg
art deco shelving and bookcases.jpg
backless shelves.jpg
bookcase on wheels.jpg
bookcase shelving stairs.jpg
bookcases 11.jpg
box shelves.jpg
Eiermann_Regal_Eiche_mit_Schrank etegere.jpg
far out furniture.jpg
FlexiTube wall units.jpg
Forms cube storage shelf.jpg
glass shelf.jpg
pagina_100 wall shelving.jpg
picchio square wall mounted shelf.jpg
shelving contemporary and modern.jpg
tall library shelving.jpg
ultra modern office shelfs.jpg
uptown shelves.jpg
angular book cases.jpg
Accademia open back shelving and bookcases.jpg
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