4 Plastic Grocery Bag Holders for Recycling

Where we have saved on trees by moving from paper grocery bags to plastic, we have created another problem. Plastic is “free-flowing” these days with most retailers giving plastic away for any goods that were purchased. Here are 4 plastic grocery bag holders that you can use to store them for recycling later. I have one of these mounted inside my pantry that I use after each trip to the store. After I put my food away, I stuff the plastic grocery bags into the holder to store them away neatly. Before the next trip to the store, I empty the holder out and take the plastic bags back to the store for recycling. Each of these models is inexpensive.
Grocery Bag Holder

Simply Human Upright – $19.99
grocery bag recycling
Umbra Plume Bag – $5.99
plastic grocery bag storage for recycling
Simply Human Stainless – $12.99
plastic grocery bag holder
Hold-a-Bag – $4.99

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