Eclectic Modern Bench

5 Home Decorating Ideas With Benches

Have you thought about home decorating ideas with benches?  At first thought, you may think of a bench as being a bit too country or traditional in style. But, in fact, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a bench in and around a house filled with modern flair and contemporary style. From the foyer to the master bedroom, we’re here to share 5 ideas concerning a simple piece of furniture and how to create something fashionable and unsuspecting  out of it.  The great thing about benches is that they provide seating when needed while also providing an accent piece that does not take up a lot of space.

Eclectic Charm

Home Decorating Ideas With Benches

This room has a great mix of modern furniture and clean lines, with bouts of eclectic, funky flair thrown in. The bench at the foot of the bed adds a finishing, extra bit of oomph to the room. It’s successful look not only because of the extra space in the area but because of the bench’s clear and concise shape.

Hallway Interest


Modern Hallway Bench

Spruce up a bare hallway with a sharp, posh reading nook. All you need is a bench and a book to make it happen. We love how this particular bench as a mixed materials design and transforms the hallway into a type of art gallery setting. Make it a bit cozier by throwing a pillow and a blanket on top.

Smooth Entryway


Contemporary Entryway Bench

Walking into this house you’re greeted with a slick, clean palette. Although wood isn’t closely associated with modern style, in this case it’s a cozy,  comfortable way to design your “mud room.” It’s a great spot to take your shoes off, hold the guests’ coats or store the backpacks for tomorrow, in the most fashion-forward of ways.

Table Turn Out


Modern Dining Room Decor

If you find a beautiful bench, why not display it at the dining room table. Mix and match to create something interesting to the eye, beautiful in design but still contemporary in decor. This slick scape is such a dreamy way to jazz up and transform your space, don’t you think?

Fashionable Foyer


Modern Foyer Bench

Benches are a great way to style and create an ethos in your foyer. But when you choose something with popping colors and clean lines you’re adding that sophistication, class and fashion-forward attitude needed for a contemporary look.

all photos via Houzz

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