5 Creative Bookshelves to Kick Off the New Year

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READ Bookshelves from Nordiska Kompaniet

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Did you resolve to read more in 2012, or maybe to learn a new word each day?  Perhaps today’s roundup of creative bookshelves will inspire you to add some fresh tomes to your literary collection and get started in style.  One shelf in particular — the “Target Books” shelf by Mebrure Oral — keeps you accountable by reminding you which books you’ve read and which ones you haven’t… the concept being that you just might visually guilt yourself into getting around to those unread novels and how-to guides sooner rather than later.  Similarly, READ bookshelves from Nordiska Kompaniet behests the same, and for a little less pressure, there’s also the angled Quad from GNR8, the sideways display of the paperback wall system from Studio Parade, and the eye-popping Round Sofa Bookcase to… well, round out the collection. Oh, wow… our new year’s resolution was to avoid bad puns, and look how long we lasted.  Ah, well… happy new year, and happy reading!

amazing bookshelves
READ Bookshelves from Nordiska Kompaniet



awesome bookshelves
Quad Bookshelves by GNR8



creative bookshelves
The ‘Target Books’ Shelf by Mebrure Oral



awesome bookcases
The Paperback Wall System by Studio Parade



amazing bookcases
The Round Sofa Bookcase from Behance


READ Bookshelves found at Nordiska Kompaniet.