5 Fun and Fashionable Rugs by West Elm

Here are five fun and fashionable rug designs that will bring life to the dreariest of rooms.  Short of painting the wall in a room, there isn’t too many other options to brightening up a large portion of a room.  Using a new rug can be a great way to add the textures and colors that you need to pull all your accent pieces together.  Unlike paint, a new rug can easily be replaced when you want to switch up the décor in a room.  Below are five great rugs with interesting patterns, colors, textures, and materials.

Kabuki  Cotton Printed Dhurrie

Blue is a very versatile color.  This Kabuki rug, inspired by Japanese elements has many different patterns and shades of blue in one rug.  Made of cotton, this would be a great rug to match with furniture that is monochromatic or neutral.

Rugs by West Elm

Esmeray Wool 

This hand-woven wool carpet is a perfect alternative to plaid.  It has the faded hint of a plaid rug, but without the overwhelming perpendicular lines that make plaid so hard to match with different kinds of furniture.  This could be a laid back version for those wanting a hint of the classic pattern it pays tribute to.

Esmeray Wool Rug

Samaya Soymak Jute 

This is made out of jute fiber which is similar to rope.  The earthy browns and pattern are an asset to any room.  Though the colors are mostly neutrals, the materials are what make this stand out.  The knotted ends of the rug really give it character.  This is another hand-woven beauty.

Samaya Soymak Jute Rug

Faded Ikat Wool

Ikat is a very popular pattern right now.  This rug has an ikat pattern that blends from one color to the next giving it a dreamy appearance.  Made of wool, this piece could be paired with simple or bold furniture.

Faded Ikat Wool

MIAC Santa Fe Rain Wool Rug

Another handwoven product made of a wool and cotton blend, this rug is perfect for matching with many different types and colors of furniture.  This carpet is Native inspired and has the most lovely pattern.  The sante fe pattern is a great one to feature in warm or cold weather.  It is also versatile  enough to go with wood, leather, and cotton furniture.

MIAC Santa Fe Rain Wool Rug

All images via WestElm.com

All of these rugs are made in India and handcrafted from natural materials, meaning no two rugs are alike.  These are all very different patterns that can add depth and interest to any room.  They can be paired with many different kinds of furniture.  Most of these rugs come in a variety of sizes whether you are looking to fill a room or use as a runner for a hallway.  Sold separately are carpet pads that are recommended to help deter sliding.  To view these rugs and more visit WestElm.com.

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