Striped Neutral Modern Bathroom

5 Stylish Modern Graphic Print Ideas for the House

Even if you’re seeking a chic and sophisticated style for your home, apartment or even dorm room, prints can help make a fashionable and interesting splash. From eclectic flavors to cultural charm, it’s okay to add a bit of pizazz to you modern abode. Let’s take a look at some real life explains and get inspired on how to incorporate some stylish, modern graphic print ideas into your home’s decor!

Stylish Modern Graphic Print Ideas

Sometimes all you need is a bit of patterned artwork to jazz up the mantle, hallway or to create a focal point in your home office. It’s inspiring and it’s interesting. It also in no way takes away from a slick or timeless finish you’ll be putting on your home’s style theme. Use them in a collage or just display your favorite in a spot that needs a bit of sprucing.

Graphic Print Accent Wall

If you want something a bit bolder and more dramatic, try out an accent wall in your dining room or even in the breakfast book. Classic combinations like creamy whites and navy blues add a fashionable flair and a chic, timeless stylish to a bland space. And we’re absolutely loving this ikat-inspired look.

Black & White Modern Print Bedroom

Sometimes subtly is all you need. Dipped in a classic black and white and spread, well, on the bedspread, your modern bedroom can become a super fashion-forward nook in no time. We love how delicate and feminine this print is without softening the contemporary aura. Polka-dots would work too!

Striped Neutral Modern Bathroom

This one plays tricks on your eyes right? It’s artistic and surprising, a perfect way to spoil your guests! We love how this print isn’t quite and stripe and isn’t quite a chevron. But mixed with a neutral foundation it creates a sharp and and interesting, eye-catching look. This print also expands the space, perfect for a smaller powder room.

Modern Prints Living Room

If you’re feeling a bit more bold and needing a splash of originality and eclecticism, try adding a mix of prints into the space you’re decorating. With the same color scheme and smaller patterns, it’s an easy way to create an artistic style and still have a contemporary theme.

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