The 56 Daybed by Ron Gilad: Playful Sophistication

Designer Ron Gilad has done far more than create a day bed.  His contribution should not be missed for what it truly is: a work of modern art. The 56 Day Bed has the shockingly unusual design of a sleek, single-button mattress cushion supported at each corner by the bistro-style Thonet Chair no. 14. 


The 56 Daybed by Ron Gilad: Playful Sophistication

Modern design day bed


The artist describes his concept: “While creating pieces for Adele-C I allowed myself the freedom to play with extreme irony and scale while maintaining the balance between the useful and the abstract; going all the way to the edge of the cliff but not jumping off. The “56” collection started with two functional objects; one for resting and the other for storage. My task was how to elevate these functions, both literally and conceptually. The past came to my rescue. Appropriating Thonet chair no.14, shrinking it and reproducing it in steel, allowed the stability for it to function as a support.”


bed with miniature chairs

Daybed design


The visual illusion of scale is perfectly illustrated here: the day bed seems far too large and heavy to be able to rest on miniature chairs.  Not only is the juxtaposition truly unexpected, but it actually seems impossible.  Thanks to the careful engineering of the steel, however, Gilad is able to construct his creative vision with total stability.  The 56 Daybed by Ron Gilad will undoubtedly elicit surprise from all who see it.  It fully embraces the sense of irony of scale without losing its inherent functionality as a bed.


Are you ready to bring a piece of modern art like the 56 Daybed into your home?