6 Contemporary Wall Hugger Recliners: Compact & Comfortable

Whether you’re living in a small space and don’t want to sacrifice comfort for the sake of keeping things compact, or you’ve got all the square footage in the world but love to sit back and watch the big game on the big screen from afar on your home theater system, there are a host of contemporary wall-hugging recliners to suit your needs.  These comfy seating arrangements give you the luxury of a traditional recliner without requiring additional space behind them in order for them to expand into a fully-reclined position.  Relax away — your options are endless.

wall hugger recliner

The Oasis Wall-Hugging Sectional by Leather Designs

wall hugger recliners

The Jitterbug Recliner by Southern Motion

wall hugging recliner

The Catnapper Teddy Bear

wall hugging double recliner

The Heritage Wall Hugging Double Recliner for RVs by Glastop

wall hugging recliners

Semi-Attached Wall Hugger Chair from McKenzie Galleries

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The Motion-Eaze Wall Hugger Recliner from Serta