6 Uber-Cool Desk Lamps for that Ultimate Accessory

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Aviator Sunglasses Lamp from Deeply Madly Living

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To some, modern desk lamps may be little more than a basic utilitarian accessory used for completing work late into the night without eyestrain, but today’s roundup of uber-cool desk lamps is nothing short of inspired.  While one is made from 40 pairs of aviator sunglasses, another replicates the headlight and handlebars of a sky blue Vespa, and yet another emulates (not to mention illuminates) an oversized resin version of the Control and Shift keys on a personal computer.  Although desk work might often be a bit mundane, these six lamps liven — and lighten — things up with a generous sense of humor and invention.

6 Uber-Cool Desk Lamps for that Ultimate Accessory


Vespa lamp

How about this throw back of a vespa inspired design.  This reminds me of something very eclectic that I would see in a collector’s home.  This would be  fun piece to gift to a loved one such as an uncle.

football stadium desk lamp

Football is America’s favorite game and sports themed accessories usually go over very well.   This pair pictured above is just fun.

jet desk lamp


computer key desk lamps


steampunk desk lamp


Vespa lamp found at Swiss Miss.