6 Updated Fireplace Accessories

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Fireplace Poker Set from Rais

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When we think “fireplace,” a few key words come to mind: cozy. warm. rustic. Lately, though, a renewed interest in minimalist design has brought forth a few new variations on the theme; today’s roundup of updated fireplace accessories includes a host of screens, matchstick holders, hearth gloves and pokers that seem more at home in a city loft than a country cabin.  Wrought iron?  Yes.  Overwrought details?  Not here, friends.  From a simple screen with a botanical pattern to an upcycled straw holder for keeping matchsticks together, here’s a fresh take on the aesthetics of cozying up to a roaring fire.  Hot chocolate, anyone?

6 Updated Fireplace Accessories



modern fireplace caddy



modern fireplace gloves



modern fireplace match holder



modern fireplace screen



modern fireplace accessories


Modern botanical screen found at Crate & Barrel.