5 Contemporary Freestanding Bathtubs

The term “freestanding tub” might call to mind visions of the wild, wild west with a rifle propped up alongside a copper basin, or perhaps a more colonial claw-foot tub with traditional English soap within arm’s reach.  Today’s options for contemporary freestanding bathtubs, however, are a far cry from the days before modern plumbing; in fact, this particular roundup of sleek basins oddly make a bathroom look  more contemporary than even the most intentionally modern tubs do.  Although few of us have enough free time to enjoy a long soak in a tub rather than just a quick shower, these retro-modern pieces beckon us to take a minute — or 30 — and just relax.

modern freestanding tub

The Essencia Freestanding Bathtub by Bainultra

modern freestanding tub

The Abrazo Freestanding Bath from Kohler


free-standing tubs

The Iceland Tub from Boffi of Italy


curved white modern bathtub

The Aliento Tub from Kohler

elegant modern freestanding tub

The Modern Freestanding Bathtub by Victoria and Albert


The Aliento and Abrazo are available from Kohler.