7 Home Gadgets Perfect for Holiday Gifting

Everyone has some home gadgets on their holiday wish list that they’d never in a million years buy for themselves, and often it’s an utterly superfluous or so-useful-it’s-almost-silly sort of home gadget with all kinds of buttons and lights.  Today’s roundup features seven equally functional and fashionable electronic gizmos to make our lives just a smidgen easier.  There’s something to keep us warm, something to make very fancy espresso drinks, something to help us pop open a bottle of soda or beer, a simple and chic sound machine…  and for the serious gadget geek, a circadian rhythm regulator that uses sound and light therapy to help us get better sleep, a super-slick black iPod speaker system shaped like a Zeppelin, and a miniature vacuum cleaner that doesn’t require us to lift a finger (now, that’s a gift that keeps on giving).  If St. Nick’s paying any attention at all, he just might keep a few of these for himself.

7 Home Gadgets Perfect for Holiday Gifting


sound therapy system


fridge-mounted bottle opener


Dyson heater


modern espresso machine


circadian sleep system


roomba vacuum


Roomba vacuum found at irobot.