7 Stunning Contemporary Chandeliers for a Home

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The Ether 90 S Chandelier from the FDV Collection

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Today’s roundup sheds a little light on things with a collection of stunning contemporary chandeliers.  While the beauty of a traditional crystal chandelier stands the test of time and never really goes out of style, these visually arresting creations give the ageless classic a run for its money.  From an urchin-inspired burst of light to a carefully-arranged pendant drop of what appear to be several varietals of wine glasses, take a look at this brilliant array of luminaries.  Here, everything is illuminated.

7 Stunning Contemporary Chandeliers for a Home

This is a great collection that could be ice cubes or even rain drops.  It’s a fun collage that will draw the attention of guests in a good way and not that of an oversized light.

sputnik chandelier

This made me think of space when I saw it and sure enough the name fits that theme.  In a modern or mid century house this would do wonders.  Also, the foot print is not too big which gives flexibility to shorter ceilings or smaller dining rooms.

stunning chandeliers


simple modern chandelier


LED chandelier


urchin pendant


masculine chandelier

Today’s roundup found at Y Lighting.